Somebody once said that the big answers are written on stone. I think the big answers are the smiles on peoples’ faces, the contentment of happy eyes and words of joy. June was all about joy. That’s what being a comfort dog is about—making people happy.

Kimberly Richey and I went to IU Methodist Hospital on June second. We met members of the hospital staff. So far we do not have access to the patients, but the staff needs to be comforted, and I am happy with the situation. Kimberly has replaced my normal handler, Sherry Brown. Sherry is on the mend from surgery and treatments, and I expect her back soon.

On June fifth, Joanne Streeter took me to Westminster Village North Retirement Community. This is a lovely facility with many fine folks to greet me. We go to Westminster twice monthly. 

On a different note, I passed my yearly physical. Dr. Marcie Short ran me through all sorts of tests, the results were perfect. I dropped three pounds since the last physical. I owe my good health to love. 

I went to Riverwalk Retirement facility in Noblesville on June seventh with Larry Megazzi and Kimberly Richey. On the twenty-first Jill DeVoe joined our merry little band. We visited the memory care unit and almost all of the rooms in the wards. We found many of the old faces had left. How different things are when you come back after a long time away.

Marcie Short and Kathy Megazzi took me to Columbus, Indiana, to a place called Stone Belt on June tenth. Stone Belt is an adult day care unit for people with developmental and physical issues. We may be putting Stone Belt on our regular schedule.

June thirteenth found Marcie Short and I hanging out with Brandon Grelle on a youth service project. Brandon and his lovely wife brought the Youth Group to a home on East 79th Street, to move mulch for a foster family. Brandon and wife are fostering two children of their own. Here is what Marcie had to say about the visit. “The youth went to a family’s home and completed yard work for them. The family has four foster children. The youth group also played games and provided fellowship for the foster children.”

I am inserting this side note to honor the birth of Baby River Lang on June fourteenth, because Kyle Lang is one of my handlers and his lovely and gracious Hannah continues to be one of my most favorite people.

Additionally, I returned to Wheeler Mission, Indy; Woodland Terrace in Carmel, and Crestwood South for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

I know the last twelve months have been a mess. Like how Pompei was a mess. That is history and history is a thing of the past. It is time to inhale the future.

Your Comfort Dog,



[Update on Naomi contributed by Kimberly Richey, Larry and Kathy Megazzi.]

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