Care and Support

at Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Practical and Spiritual Care

In a Time of Need

Visitation Team

The Visitation Team at Holy Cross prays with and encourages others. 

Naomi Comfort Dog

Naomi is a specially trained Golden Retriever that provides comfort to people in our congregation and our community.

Professional Counseling

Counseling can offer hope and healing to those seeking help.

Our Counseling Page is currently under construction. Please call the church office at 317.823.5801 and leave a message. Someone will call you back to schedule a time to speak virtually with our Staff Counselor Paulette Carson.

The irritability, brain fog and sadness you are feeling could be grief. Grief is a natural and normal response during a time when we are under stay-at-home orders. Hear more from our Staff Counselor Paulette Carson in this video.