“Comparison is the thief of joy.” -Unknown

I believe gratitude is the most important part of life. You know what I am talking about: that warm feeling of thankfulness towards the world or special people. Let’s face it, if you spend all your time moaning about what life has dished out, you will never be happy. And, you will never have a good relationship with anybody. I can feel this kind of bitterness when I enter a room. Do not be surprised if I break away from my handler and come up to you to offer comfort. It is what I do.

As you read this letter, know that you have my love and envy—the two items, as nearly as I can tell, a person and an animal want from each other. Sure, I would love to have arms and a voice box so I could talk. It would be great to say a prayer out loud or grab a ball with hands. I know this is funny, but it is not far from an important truth: be thankful for what you have and do not constantly seek more.


My team and I are making more and more trips to Plainfield to see the Fire Chief, the City Council, the 911 call center, and soon the rest of the city departments. The gratitude from these friendly folks is heartwarming. If this isn’t good, what is?

Your Comfort Dog,


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