Small Groups

at Holy Cross Lutheran Church

We want to be a resource for people to build a relationship with Jesus so that we grasp the truth that God is gracious, and He dearly loves us. Our faith and trust in God deepens as we read the Bible, study and ponder it, pray and grow as followers of Jesus.  While people may see their spirituality as a personal thing, Jesus made it clear that life is not about me, it is intended to be about “us” and we are made to live in community and to seek real, honest and grace-centered relationships.

Our Vision for Small Groups at Holy Cross

Our primary focus will be to connect the Biblical teaching from the Sunday Sermon to weekly Sermon-based Small Group Bible conversations. We often read in the Gospels that Jesus taught, and then he followed up by discussing the teachings with his disciples. Most often it is in those conversations that we figure out how to apply what we hear to our own personal life. 

Join a Small Group

Our Small Group Ministry is organized and operated through the Church Center App on your smartphone. To sign up for a group, download the App, register, and then click the “Groups” tab at the bottom. 

Feel free to contact Nicole Lopez  or Pastor Dave McClean if you have any questions or need assistance finding a group.