Visitation Team

in a time of need

Sharing Encouragement and Care

The Visitation Team at Holy Cross prays with and encourages others through prayer. They visit those who are:

  • Sick
  • Shut in
  • Hospitalized or undergoing medical procedures
  • Experiencing a loss
  • “Just in need” of a friend
  • They also take time to write cards.

If you are someone with a heart to carry out this ministry, providing the love of Christ to people during their time of need, please email Team Leader Emily Grese.




Do you know someone who could benefit from visitation? Email Team Leader Emily Grese with the following information:

  • Who is to be visited
  • A brief description of their situation
  • How to get a hold of the person
  • If they are having a surgery or procedure, please specify the location and date.