Tuition and Fees

Costs incurred by Holy Cross Lutheran School, including staff salaries, materials, crafts, field trips, student gifts and special events are off-set by enrollment fees, tuition, individual donations, fundraising and the congregation of Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance based upon financial need is available. Holy Cross Lutheran School participates in the Indiana Choice Scholarship (Voucher) Program and the Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organization of Indiana (SGO). Holy Cross also offers their own tuition assistance program and has contracted with an organization called FACTs to provide a confidential, objective assessment of financial need.

Additional information about the Indiana Choice Scholarship is available on the Indiana Department of Education website. 

Additional information about the Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organization of Indiana is available through the school.


To apply for tuition assistance from Holy Cross, please complete the FACTs application.