at Holy Cross Lutheran School

Building a passion for

Science. Technology. Engineering. Math.

Math and science are in everything we do, so our goal is to make it fun and interesting for all ages. Holy Cross presents students with real-life situations to help them learn and solve problems. 

Project-Based Learning

  • Middle school students are hands-on in the STEM Lab with biology, project planning and construction.
  • Kindergarten through 5th grade have a special room called the Collaboratory. They learn about digital citizenship, technology and coding, and complete engineering projects.
  • Preschool students have the Collab Cart to meet their curiosity needs. They build, create and test.
  • Special STEM events and programs are offered throughout the year. Some include “Out-of-the-Box Science Day,” Robotics Club and Learning Through Games.

We love to see students working together, learning how to work together, thinking creatively and designing. Come see for yourself what Holy Cross has to offer in STEM.