Middle School

Grades 6-8 at Holy Cross Lutheran School

Our School’s Mission & Vision

Christian Faith and Challenging Academics

The mission of Holy Cross Lutheran School is to provide a Christ-centered, nurturing ministry for children and their families, with an emphasis on academic excellence.

Middle School

Holy Cross Lutheran School places an emphasis on academic excellence and teaching of the Christian faith. Our curriculum is challenging, yet flexible, and is designed to meet or exceed the standards set by the State of Indiana. Our teachers are dedicated to providing this excellence in an atmosphere of personal warmth and Christian love, recognizing the individuality of each child and nurturing a positive self-concept.

Connections for Learning

Our middle school team plans and creates connections for learning. By using context and relevance, students become more interested in and experience connections to concepts. Connections lead to more critical thinking and help with content retention.

Required Curriculum

  • Religious Studies
  • Language Arts (Literature, Vocabulary, Writing and Research)
  • Social Sciences
  • Math
  • STEM
  • Fine Arts (Band or Choir)
  • Art
  • Physical Education


Middle school leaders have a big impact on our school, and there are many leadership opportunities at Holy Cross. Students can be ambassadors, develop content for and lead chapel, head morning announcements and more. Leadership roles build confidence and help keep students engaged in school. Students increase their skills and are better prepared for high school.

Advance-Level Classes

There are many advance-level classes middle school students can take advantage of in addition to the required curriculum.

  • Spanish (two-year program is equivalent to freshman Spanish)
  • German
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Show Choir
  • Jazz Band
  • Advance Writing
  • Problem Solving
  • Yearbook
  • Cooking
  • Drama
  • Robotics

All middle school students have personal growth time (PGT) each day too, which helps them learn to take ownership of their education.

Come see for yourself all Holy Cross has to offer in middle school education.