Inspiration and Transformation

Live the “Gospel-Centered Life”

This Sermon Series is intended to help you understand how the Gospel shapes every aspect of life.

  • What is the Gospel?  
  • What does the Gospel do for us?
  • And how does the Gospel shape the way that we live?

The thread that runs through the Bible is the gracious love of God. Christianity is all about Jesus and the “Good News” (Gospel) of God’s plan to prove His love by guaranteeing the forgiveness of our sins.
Our lives can truly be transformed, and we can impact our world when we are not just “religious” or “going to church,” but when we live Gospel-Centered lives. It will begin a transformation of your heart, your perspective, and your witness!  

“Pretending and Performing”

From our sermon series “Gospel-Centered Life” – September 20, 2020

“What is the Gospel?”

From our new sermon series “Gospel-Centered Life” – September 13, 2020