“Ever smilin’ ever gentle on my mind.”
Words from a Glen Campbell song.

I want to talk about gentleness. A definition is in order. The Christian view of gentleness is showing care and respect for others in the way you act or speak.

In my line of work, gentleness can mean going into rest homes. I visit these places and make new friends. I try to be gentle on their minds, alleviate stress, and make memories with them. 

Team Naomi has opened up new opportunities in the town of Plainfield. We are visiting Plainfield’s 911 call center on a regular basis. This is the place that received the first calls from the FedEx shootings last year in April. The trauma from that event still has left the 911 personnel in a sustained state of shock. I am visiting the employees, and the reception has been wonderful. I have never been in a place that appreciated me so thoroughly. We were asked to visit the Plainfield’s town hall and meet part of the town council and all the people there. Plus, we visited the Recreation Department personnel.


Because the people of Holy Cross have been so generous, we have been able to spread some gentleness and kindness to those who need it. Thank you.

Your Comfort Dog,


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