Before I get started on this month’s missive, I want to put out a shameless plug for my Facebook site. I have twenty-nine hundred friends and followers on Facebook. Come and see me in action while my team and I minister to those in need. To do this kind of work, it is best to be flexible, which happens to be the theme for the month at Team Naomi. For me, being flexible means the ability to move naturally (which I do), change directions easily (I can do that), and compromise when appropriate. Being flexible also means you care enough to get along with others.

Along with our regular visits in January, we visited the Plainfield (Hendricks County) 911 Dispatch Center as part of the county’s mental wellness program. Hendricks has four shifts on their 911 roster. I went to see all of the shifts while they were working. That meant going to bed very late or getting up early in the morning. I do not want to brag, but that is an example of flexibility.

Every week, the team and I visit Holy Cross School and join in the Music and Movement program. I like to dance with preschoolers. Those little kids make me happy as a puppy. Everyone knows that puppies are flexible.

Methodist Hospital has allowed us to hang out with the Emergency Room staff. Some tense moments there, so again flexibility is important.

Have you ever heard of the BARK program in Mrs. Sinn’s first grade class at HCLS? Bark means being a reading kid. I help the kids read their books, but I never bark.


Love You All,


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