Forgiveness is pretty easy for a dog. We forgive humans all the time. The true meaning of forgiveness is the intentional and deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person who has harmed you, regardless of whether they deserve it or not. For instance, if you were to step on my tail, by accident or design (dogs don’t know the difference), I would assume you did it on purpose and would forgive you immediately.

Not forgiving makes a dog or person so tired. It is not worth it to go around carrying a grudge. I am not saying you should not have a long memory, but you should let the transgression go. If you cannot let the issue go, then go on and live a good life; your enemies hate to see you being happy and loved. 

We attended the IN Non-Public School Educator’s Conference this month. It was held at the IN Convention Center, a large, large building that required we walk from one side to the other visiting attendees.  We also served in the Hospitality Room and provided a relaxing break to their hectic days. 

October was Wellness Month at the Marion County Coroner’s Office. In addition to all our regular appointments, Kimberly and I (Sherry and I one week) were there twice each week to comfort them and help them reach their wellness goals. It is an amazing place where hardworking employees used my friendly, furry self to pet and unwind.

We welcomed Dove Comfort Dog to the ministry of over 130 Comfort Dogs in 27 states.  She lives in Fremont, IN and we traveled there to participate in the commissioning of her and her team. They are sure to make a positive impact in their community as they serve with mercy and compassion.

TEAM NAOMI is still looking for handlers. Your mission is to take me to hospitals, rest homes, church services, disasters and any other places where people are suffering and in need. You must be a Christian, be compassionate, love Jesus, love people and have a helping heart, and of course love dogs. Also, people of high integrity need to apply. These are people who show up on time, do what they promise to do, know something could be hurtful at first but continue on anyway because it is right thing to do.

Email our topdog, Kathy Megazzi, if you are interested in being a part of the team.


[Update on Naomi contributed by Kimberly Richey, Larry and Kathy Megazzi.]

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