Life from Naomi’s Perspective at Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Jesus invented suspense. He had to do it. For without suspense, you do not have miracles. I am not talking about the big Miracles that Jesus did, but the everyday ones that my handlers and I see. We do not walk on water or turn water into wine. Our miracles are putting smiles on the faces of people who have been depressed for months.

Smiles are miracles. They are affections within the brain. Give people a great big Golden Retriever smile, and you have given them hope. With hope comes grit. And grit my friends is the confidence to live life.

I was able to bring so many smiles in the month of August!

August 1. Church service and nursery duty with Marcie.

August 2. Training at Richey Woods Park with Kimberly.

August 3. Long walk and home training.

August 4. Training and joint x-rays with Marcie. Don’t worry I feel fine.

August 5. Visited St. John Lutheran Church in Indianapolis with Kathy and later went to HCLS.

August 6. Training with Sherry & Joan and visiting with shoppers at Hamilton Town Center.

August 7. Went to Westminster Village North with Joanne and Donna.

August 8. Church service and nursery duty with Marcie.

August 9. Training with Kimberly at Holiday Park.

August 10. Shopping and a long walk.

August 11. Breakfast with Sherry Brown at Café Audrey. Later a long walk.

August 12. Long walk and rest.

August 13. Community Health Rehab Hospital with Kathy.

August 14. Long walk and rest.

August 15. 8:15 church service and a long walk.

August 16. Training and rest.

August 17. Shopping. Too hot to train.

August 18. Breakfast with Shellie and Kathy at Café Audrey. Visited teachers at HCLS.

August 19. First day of school at HCLS with Marcie.

August 20. Training with Sherry at Fort Harrison Park.

August 21. Crestwood South Assisted Living Facility with Joanne and Donna.

August 22. Went to Hobart, Indiana with Kathy and Larry for a Passing of the Vest ceremony for Jael Comfort Dog. Attended church service at Trinity Lutheran Church in Hobart.

August 23. Morning training with Kimberly. Afternoon visit to an unnamed government office. (need to protect the innocent.)

August 24. Shopping, walking and training.

August 25. Greeted kids at Saint John Lutheran School and attended two chapel services.

August 26. Went to Woodland Terrace (assisted living and rehab) in New Pal with Sherry & Chery.

August 27. Training and long walk.

August 28. Naomi Team meeting. Afternoon visit to Westminster with Joanne and Donna.

August 29. Church service and helped Marcie in the nursery.

August 30. IU Methodist Hospital to visit staff with Kimberly.

August 31. Shopping, walking and training.

[Update on Naomi contributed by Kimberly Richey, Larry and Kathy Megazzi.]

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