Comfort dog work is letting the handlers laugh and cry with people while I do my magic. The whole business is about joy. The first thing handlers and people learn in this business is there is no life that is free of pain. For instance, one of my favorite places, a rest home in Noblesville, has closed it doors to visitors, including me, because of a new outbreak of some unknown malady, the name of which we all know. Please remember things get worse until they get better. I try to keep joy front and center in my life.


Sherry Brown, a handler friend of mine, is recovering from cancer. I understand that Sherry is doing much better and is stronger. This is a source of joy and I believe Sherry has been placed on earth to laugh at the odds and live life well.

The first and second of July were off days. On the third I went to Geist Bridge to take Fourth of July pictures. We met two nice ladies and talked for fifteen minutes. It was fun, is what it was. Later in the day Joanne Streeter took me to Westminster Retirement Community to visit my friends.


July 4th found me at church for the early service and then I helped out in the nursery with the little kids. Later that night fireworks explosions scared me. Too close and too loud for this comfort dog.

On the 5th I went to Riverwalk Rehab Community in Noblesville with Kim Richey and Jill DeVoe. July 6th I rested. On the 7th I trained. July 7th found me with Marcie Short visiting potential places where Team Naomi could visit. More on that in future columns.

In sum, I visited 18 places, trained everyday, was in a Zoom meeting and went to church 4 times. It looks to be even busier in August. Lesson for the month: Always play the role God has given you. The longer you play, the better chance of joy you will have.

Your Comfort Dog,


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