Exciting news from Holy Cross! Our preschool is growing, and we are remodeling!

Thanks to a private donation, we are currently amidst a renovation to accommodate our increasing enrollment. An additional classroom has been added to the existing Multipurpose Room and Preschool area. We were able to creatively make four rooms where there used to be three.

(Pictured here is the exterior of the church from the original Preschool Expansion and the inside of the Multipurpose Room in 1994.)

Our remodel also involves changing the overall color scheme of rooms and furniture to neutral tones and adding greenery. Our goal is to create a calming environment for children that supports and encourages brain-compatible learning and inquiry-based instruction.


We can’t wait to share pictures once the project is complete! Our dream is to also use this space and equipment to offer music, art and STEM classes to the community.

Join us in dreaming about how Holy Cross might further use this space to reach our community, and pray our preschool students love their new space and experience the love of Jesus while they’re here!

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