We are Relaunching Small Groups at Holy Cross in September.

We have been studying the Book of Acts and learning that we are a part of The Movement. We are “God’s Plan to save the world,” and people will experience God’s grace and forgiveness through us.  In the midst of the craziness and the ups and downs of life, we are constantly striving to live and love the way Jesus loves us.  Studying God’s Word and building honest and genuine relationships are critical to following The Way of Jesus. 

(Note: In the book of Acts, the early church movement was called, “The Way.”) 

Our Vision for Small Groups at Holy Cross. 

Our primary focus will be to connect the Biblical teaching from the Sunday Sermon to weekly Sermon-based Small Group Bible studies. We often read in the Gospels that Jesus taught, and then discussed the teaching with his disciples. Most often it is in those conversations that we figure out how to apply what we heard to our own personal life.  

The same message will be talked about at Holy Cross Kids so you can talk about the Bible Story at home. And, we will help you reflect and have conversations at home utilizing the Faith@Home texts throughout the week. 

We want to be a resource to you as together we read, study, ponder, pray and grow as followers of Jesus and find opportunities to Be the Church and join The Movement. 

How Can I Join a Small Group? 

Small Groups will be forming throughout the month of August.  

Our Small Group Ministry will be organized and operated through the Church Center App on your smartphone. If you have not already downloaded the Church Center App, please do that today!  Feel free to contact Nicole Lopez or Pastor McClean if you have any questions or need help.    

Groups will be added regularly in the “GROUPS” tab at the bottom of the Church Center App. You can request to join a group and communicate with your Group directly in the App. 

Note: There will be people in the Crossing August 22, 29, and September 5 to assist you. 


Be a Part of the Movement and Join a Group 

Groups will be launching on September 12 as Pastor Dan digs into how the way of Jesus impacts our values in the important Sermon Series called, “The Nonegotiables.”  

More information will be coming your way throughout the month of August.   

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