As we come to the end of our Lenten focus on Prayer, we are launching into Holy Week with a Virtual 24-Hour Prayer Vigil. It will begin on Saturday morning, March 27, and run through the night until Palm Sunday worship services kick off this year’s Holy Week.
Sign up for a 30 minute time slot (to pray in the comfort of your own home) and together we will ask for God’s blessing and direction for our personal lives and for the ministry of Holy Cross.

As You Begin:

  • Take 10 deep and slow breaths and calm yourself.
  • Meditate on what Jesus’ death on the cross and his resurrection means to your life.
  • Pray for a deeper awareness of God’s grace and forgiveness, so you live a Gospel-Centered Life.
  • Ask God to help you develop a deeper relationship with Him as you pray.
  • Ask God to fill you with his Spirit and to be present with you as you pray.
  • Pray through the Lord’s Prayer, pausing to thinking about what each Petition means and what challenges the Petition brings to your life.
  • If you have a copy, take the Why Pray? Devotional and scan through devotions you found meaningful and prayerfully reflect on what you read.


Topics for Prayer

  • Praise God for Who He Is
  • Thank God for What He Has Done
  • Pray that Your Love for God would grow and deepen
  • Pray that You Would Love Your Family, Friends, Neighbors and even your Enemies
  • Pray that You Would Be Forgiving toward the People in your Life
  • Talk to God About Someone in Need (Be the Person in the Middle)
  • Pray for Someone Who Does Not Yet Know Jesus
  • Pray for Holy Cross as we work to Reconnect with People and Rebuild our Sense of Connectedness and Community in the face of the Covid Pandemic
  • Pray that All of Us Grow in Living Out Our Faith and Become More missional
  • Pray for all Teachers and Students
  • Pray for Kindness and Compassion for those who are hurting or grieving
  • Pray for a Generous heart
  • Pray for People who Face Injustice
  • Pray for a Godly End to Racism
  • Pray for the Homeless, and Imprisoned (The Chairos Prison Ministry, and The Great Banquet)
  • Pray for our Youth and our Youth Ministry
  • Pray for College Students
  • Pray for Naomi (Our Comfort Dog) and Her handlers
  • Pray for the Lonely
  • Pray for the Sick and for doctors, nurses, medical technicians and EMT’s
  • Pray for Pastors and Missionaries
  • Pray for Those Who Don’t Have a Relationship with Jesus
  • Pray for Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones
  • Pray for Those on our Weekly Update Prayer List
  • Pray that You would have a Wise Mind, a Brave Spirit, a Kind Heart, and a Bold Faith.
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