43 After the two days he departed for Galilee. 44 (For Jesus himself had testified that a prophet has no honor in his own hometown.) 45 So when he came to Galilee, the Galileans welcomed him, having seen all that he had done in Jerusalem at the feast. For they too had gone to the feast.

Jesus Heals an Official’s Son

46 So he came again to Cana in Galilee, where he had made the water wine. And at Capernaum there was an official whose son was ill. 47 When this man heard that Jesus had come from Judea to Galilee, he went to him and asked him to come down and heal his son, for he was at the point of death. 48 So Jesus said to him, “Unless you[a] see signs and wonders you will not believe.” 49 The official said to him, “Sir, come down before my child dies.” 50 Jesus said to him, “Go; your son will live.” The man believed the word that Jesus spoke to him and went on his way. 51 As he was going down, his servants[b] met him and told him that his son was recovering. 52 So he asked them the hour when he began to get better, and they said to him, “Yesterday at the seventh hour[c] the fever left him.” 53 The father knew that was the hour when Jesus had said to him, “Your son will live.” And he himself believed, and all his household. 54 This was now the second sign that Jesus did when he had come from Judea to Galilee.

Personal Reflection and Discussion

1. When you were a child, what was your most serious illness?  What health problems did you have? Any serious injuries?

 2. Note in this passage there appears to be stages of faith development:

  • ¨ A “hearsay” or “curious” faith – v. 46
    • o   Hearing stories about God. These stories probably sparked his curiosity, needing to someday check out what God is up to.
  • ¨ A “desperate” faith – vs. 46-49
    • o   Not receiving help from anywhere or anyone else, so now desperate for Jesus.  Remembering the stories he has heard about Jesus and is desperately seeking him out. 
  • ¨ A “hopeful” faith – v. 50
    • o   He is told to go home because the problem has been solved.  Jesus gave reason to have hope, thus he now has hopeful faith. 
  • ¨ A faith of “experience” – v.51-53
    • o   He is told that the situation has been resolved, and it was resolved the moment Jesus said it was.  He now has a faith rooted in his own personal experience of God.

 3. The Jewish people were seeking Jesus for the miracles he did, not because he was their Messiah and Lord. What are some dangers of seeking Jesus for superficial reasons?

 4. The official came to Jesus out of desperation.  He was helpless to save his son.  He needed Jesus.  What things in your life remind you that you need Jesus?


Jesus, I love this story.  I can, and do, go up and down these levels/stages of faith expressed in the discussion above. I move down largely because of my short memory and my lack of focus upon You.  Keep me ever mindful of my experiences of Your promises and of Your faithfulness so that I boldly, daily, venture forth in faith. 

Greek Word of the Day

English Word: Signs | Transliterated Word: Teras

Of uncertain affinity; a prodigy or omen – wonder.  (always plural in scripture) mighty work, miracle, something great.

Family Engagement Activity

Do a trust activity with your family.  Make an obstacle course and guide them through it at home.  You can even do a blindfold challenge where people have to be guided through an obstacle course and one has to lead the other safely through it.  Talk to them about what experiences have helped them to develop trust in you.  Maybe even talk about times that you could only trust God.  You could even go through the faith development stages with them, depending on their age.  Maybe, to help teach them the idea of desperate faith, have them try to do the course without your guidance until they ASK you for it.

Going Activities To Consider

Identify your stage of faith development and join someone in finding out theirs.  Help them reach “faith of experience” together.  Then think of a fear or barrier that prevents you from doing something you think God might be asking you to do.   Talk to God about it and ask him to guide you through a challenge.  Bring this up to a mentor or friend in Christ.

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