Grab a flashlight and build a blanket or pillow fort on the ground before you read your devotion! Read the Bible story only by flashlight and candlelight.

JOHN 8:12, JOHN 12:46

What does it feel like to be in the dark? Many people are often afraid of the dark. When it’s dark you might be feeling alone or lost. The dark might make us feel confused or scared because we can’t see where to go or what to do.

The best way to get out of the darkness is to shine some light! Light helps to direct our path and see where we are going- like a flashlight in a dark place! Light also can bring us life, like the sunshine which helps to grow and nourish the earth!

Jesus tells us that He is the LIGHT of the world. Jesus doesn’t want us to be scared or fearful. Jesus came to bring us direction. We should follow Jesus like we follow the light from a flashlight. Right now, the world might seem a little confusing or scary, but we can be confident that Jesus is our light even when things are scary. When we turn to Jesus, we don’t ever have to be afraid.


Older kids can play flashlight tag outside. Younger kids can use the flashlight point to things around the house that are blessings from God.


What is something GOOD that Jesus is doing during this hard time?
How do you feel knowing that Jesus is bigger than what scares you?

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