MATTHEW 22:34-40

In our Bible story today, some important men wanted to know what the most important rule was for them to follow. They were all about following rules. (Older kids: research what a Pharisee was.) When they asked Jesus, they expected Him to say something like “don’t lie” or “don’t steal”. However, Jesus said something that shocked everyone! Jesus told all the people that the greatest rule of all is to LOVE.

What is something you love? Maybe you love your family? Do you love a pet or a friend? Perhaps you really love a yummy food- like ice cream! Yum! (Older kids: we use the word “love” at lot. Are there different kinds of love?)

It’s okay to love all of those things, but Jesus said that the most important rule is for everyone to love God with all our heart, soul, and minds. That means that we love Jesus with all of our emotions, all our spirit, and all of our actions! He also wants us to love our neighbors just like we want to be loved – that’s called the “Golden Rule.”

Loving Jesus and others with all our hearts can be difficult. However, Jesus is the perfect example of love! Jesus was patient, kind, faithful, miraculous, and most of all loving. He loved us so much He died for all the rules we didn’t follow!

When you wonder how Jesus would want you to act- just remember, love is number one!


We know Jesus is love. Grab a can of shaving cream and spray on the table. As a family, write words that describe Jesus in the shaving cream (like, mighty, humble, king). Then write or draw in the cream ways you can love God with all your heart. (Older kids, play Pictionary!)  Get ready to be messy but have a lot of fun!


How can we love Jesus with our minds?
How can you love to someone in your family today?

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