“Connect, Nurture, Serve” – These are not just words – they are a call to action.

Our word for this year is “Thrive” and we are all struggling to thrive while staying home together.

So, for this “Serving” week of the Red Letter Challenge, we have been brainstorming ways to further develop Holy Cross as a Serving Community and take care of each other.  We are also mindful of the impact that the Covid-19 virus is having on the every day lives of our Church Family and Friends.  Many of you have contacted us and asked, “How can I help?”

Today we have the opportunity to Be The Church Together. We are all in different locations, but a church family together, wanting to serve one another.

By filling out and submitting the Be The Church Together Form on our website, every member will have an opportunity to identify both ways that you are willing to serve other people, and also a way that you can request help and support.

We will do our best to connect people with needs to Holy Cross members who can provide that service and “Together” we will better utilize our community resources, talents, gifts, and abilities.

This form provides a way for your family to express any needs and/or resources you might have. We will be managing requests and making connections as best as we can and work to meet the needs of fellow members of our church family.

If you have questions, please email Katie Kyle.

David R. McClean
Associate Pastor


Please fill this form out if you need help or can provide help at this time.

Be the Church Together - Visitation Team Form
I am in need of help with the following:
I am able to help someone else with the following:
Liability Waiver Statement *


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