Say: “God is with you all the time!” and “Jesus will take us to Heaven someday!”

Reinforce: Every time your child feels scared, gets hurt, or is unhappy this week, remind them that God is always with them. As you pray with your child this week, guide them in thanking God for His love. Ask God to help your child trust Him and love Him. 

Activity: Ask your child to imagine what heaven will be like & draw a picture.  


Discuss: Ask your kids to tell you about recent experience that was happy or fun. Have them describe the feelings they had in that moment. Tell them that Heaven will be even better than that! 

Watch: Re-Creation

Activity: We read in John 14 that Jesus is preparing a room for us in Heaven. Describe the most perfect, amazing, incredible bedroom you can imagine! What do you hope your room in Heaven is like? 


Middle School

Discuss: When you think about your future, what are you looking forward to? Does anything make you nervous?

Follow Up: What does the word “deliverance” mean? We will be delivered from this sinful world (and the effects of sin!) when Jesus comes again. Make a of things that you’re glad WON’T be in heaven! 

Go Deeper: Imagine that you knew exactly which day Jesus was coming back. What would you do? What would you say to other people?

High School

Ask: When you think about your future, what are you looking forward to? Does anything make you nervous?

Discuss: Movies and books that portray the end of the world are very popular. Why do you think that is? What do you think this fascination says about our society?

Go Deeper: What causes people to be fear the end of the world? How does our faith in Christ dispel those fears? 

Parent Bonus

When you put the Word of God into the hearts of your children, they can recall His promises when they’re feeling confused, afraid, or lonely.  

Memorize Scripture with your family this week. John 8:31-32, Psalm 27:1 and Joshua 1:9 are great passages! Write one of these passages (or another of your choosing!) on a lunchbox note, on your fridge, or on your child’s bathroom mirror. Recite them together at dinner, or at bedtime. Challenge each other to see who can memorize it first.

Music is a fun way to memorize God’s word! Check out this awesome playlist from Ms. Hannah!


For myself: 

Read and reflect on Revelation 7:14-17.  Which parts of being with Jesus in heaven are you most looking forward to? Share with someone in your life.

What does a life of active hope look like? How would your life be different if you lived every day expecting Jesus to return? 

For my adult child:

Ask, “When you think about the future, what feelings stir inside you? What makes you feel hopeful? What makes you nervous?”

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