Say: “God with you all the time!” and “Jesus loves you, He is in your heart!”

Follow up: Moses took off his sandals at the burning bush because he was on holy ground. Every time you help your child put on their shoes this week, remind them of the truths above. 

Take off Your Shoes Game: In this game, your child will race to take off their shoes and put them back on as fast as they can. If you have more than one child, they can race each other (put an older child’s shoes across the room for of a challenge!). 


Watch: Moses & his “burning bush moment” video 

Discuss: “If you were Moses, how would you have reacted to God’s voice coming from a burning bush?” “God called Moses to do something important; do you think He has important plans for you too?”  (hint: the answer is yes!!)

Activity: Write and send thank-you letters to veterans and active military. Websites like Operation Gratitude and A Million Thanks make it easy for kids to send letters to deployed troops, wounded warriors and veterans. 


Middle School

Discuss: Play “Would you Rather?” during drive time or mealtime with your child this week. Here’s a great list of questions to get  you started.  

Follow Up: “Some of those were each choices, but some were tough decisions! Making a sacrifice can also be a tough decision. Can you think of a time you saw someone make a sacrifice?”

Go Deeper: “What does it mean to you that Jesus sacrificed Himself for you? Do you think dying on the cross for us was a tough decision for Jesus?”  

See the “Activity” idea above. 

High School

Discuss: Pastor McClean preached that thriving requires focus, commitment, and sacrifice. Ask, “What is a skill or talent that comes naturally to you? What is one that you’ve had to work on?” (Think: athletic or musical ability? Being forgiving?) 

Go Deeper: “Which parts of being a Christ-follower requires focus, commitment, or sacrifice?” “From the outside, do you think others can tell we are a Christian family? Why or why not?”

Share: Stories are powerful, parents! Share with your teen about a time that you sacrificed something for them, or a time that someone sacrificed for you.


Parent Bonus

Contemplate: “The family and church were not primarily designed to protect children, but to set them free to demonstrate God’s love to a broken world.” React to that statement – do you agree? Discuss it with your spouse or another parent. 

Read: Faith at Risk and 3 Ways to Help Your Kid Push Past Fear and Helping Preteens Discover Courage


For myself: 

Ask, “What comes to mind when I approach the altar during communion? What does that moment mean to me?” 

Moses had an amazing experience with God at the burning bush. Reflect on times in your life that you’ve felt God’s presence or heard His voice. Share that with someone in your life. 

For my adult child:

Ask, “What is something joyful in your life right now? What’s hard in your life right now? How can I pray for you?”

Ask, “Have you ever had a ‘burning bush moment’ in your life? Will you share it with me?”