Say: “God gives us everything we have! What can we praise God for today?”

Follow up: As you work around the house, remind your child that everything you have comes from God. Say things like, “I clean the kitchen to take good care of it, because it came from God!” and, “Thank you, God, for this food! Thank you, God, for our socks! Thank you, God, for my bedroom!”

Activity: Encourage your child to draw a thank you card for God and place it in the offering plate next time you’re in worship.


Ask: “How do you treat something that is borrowed? We say thank you to people that give us a gift – how to we say thank you to God?”

Go Deeper: Watch this video with your child and ask, “What do you love about our church?”

 Activity: Encourage your child to write a thank you note to God and place it in the offering plate this weekend.


Middle School

Ask: “If you could rearrange the letters of your name to create a new one, what would your new name be?”

Follow Up: “Your name is an important part of who you are! You know what else is important? You are created in God’s image and brought into His family through baptism. Your story is part of God’s story, and He can/will use you in His kingdom!” 

Go Deeper: “What do you like about our church?” and “What would you change about our church?” and “How do you think God wants us to take care of our church?”


High School

Your teen is asking these questions: Where do I belong? How can I matter?Remind them that God has uniquely called and gifted them to glorify Him with their lives. They play an important role in the kingdom of God!

Ask: “What is one seemingly impossible goal that you would like to see the world achieve during your lifetime?” and “Do you have any wild/crazy/fun goals for yourself?” (run a marathon, climb Everest, visit all continents…?)

Encourage:  “I love watching God grow you into someone who loves Him and loves others. I am so proud of you. I can see you______. I notice when you _____. God us using you to _____.”


Parent Bonus

Do your children know that you give to God? Many of us tithe online, so our kids miss out on actually watching us put something in the offering plate. How can you share this part of your faith with them?

Listen: This 20-minute podcast episode is TOTALLY with your time! Click here to listen to “How to teach your kids a healthy view of work and money.”

Read: Teaching your Kids About Money and, All My Stuff Belongs to God

Pledge Card for Kids:

We didn’t want your kids to miss out on pledge Sunday, so we made a card just for them. Talk about it with your child & fill out your pledges together.

Encourage your child to bring their pledge cards to church this weekend & take them up as an offering!


For myself: The video that Pastor McClean shared during worship this week included the lines below. Reflect on them during your devotion time this week and discuss them with someone in your life.

  • “Generosity is not merely a luxury of the rich; it stands at the heart of our creation, our salvation, and our purpose.”
  • “Generosity is not an obligation, but an invitation; an invitation to participate in God’s redemption of all things, and to know the great joy of the great Giver.”

For my adult child:

Ask: “How do you feel about your church? How have your feelings changed as you’ve gotten older?

Ask: “How can I pray for you this week?”

Say: “You are so precious to me. I love you so much. I want to remind you that God loves you even more than I do.”