Ask: What is a rule we have at home? What is one of God’s rules?

Say: “God loves you no matter what!” Repeat this phrase as much as you can this week! Say it when you wake your child up in the morning, say it when you’re in the car, say it when you discipline, say it at bedtime.

See below for a pumpkin activity that might work for your older preschooler!


Conversation Starters: What are three rules you had to follow today? How does it feel when you get in trouble? When does God forgive you? If God forgives you when you mess up, should you still try to follow His rules? 

Activity idea: Try this Pumpkin lesson with your child, or use these Reformation activity ideas!

Middle School

When you’re in the car or sitting down for a meal together, play a word association game with your child.

Start with the word LAW and take turns saying related words or phrases (words like: must, should, have to, sin, guilt, rules).

Then, do the same activity with the word GOSPEL (words like: grace, forgiveness, gift, comfort, salvation).


High School

Ask: Who in your life is a “Law/rules” person? Who in your life is a “Gospel/grace” person? Do you need both?

Watch this great video together! Ask your child their thoughts, and share your own reaction.  


Parent Bonus

Below are quotes from the book “Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family” by Paul David Tripp (a great book that we recommend!). Reflect on them, and/or discuss them with another parent.

  • “Because God’s law provides your children with guiding and protecting wisdom that they would not have without it, His law is good for them.”
  • “Your children need God’s law, but you cannot ask the law to do what only grace can accomplish.”
  • “If God’s plan really is to make His invisible grace visible by sending parents of grace to give grace to children who desperately need grace, then I am called not just to preach that grace but to live and model it for my children every day.”


Ask your adult child: “How did you experience the Gospel in our household when you were growing up? How did you experience the Law?” and, “When you think of God, do you tend to think of Him more as a law-giving judge, or a grace-giving Savior? He is both! How do you reconcile that?”

For myself: As a Christian, I am called to represent Christ to the world. How does my understanding of Law and Gospel inform the way I interact with others and share my faith?  


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