Conversation Starter: Say, “Who wrote the Bible? God did!” “How do we hear from God? We read the Bible!” “Whose words are in the Bible? God’s words!”

Follow Up: This is a great time in your child’s life to begin a habit of daily Bible reading! When you read stories at bedtime, be sure to include a children’s Bible or Bible storybook.


Conversation Starter: Ask, “If you go back in time and live through any of the Bible stories, which would it be?

Activity idea: Challenge your child (or maybe the whole family!) to memorize the books of the Bible!

Middle School

Conversation Starter: Ask, “Who is your favorite person in the Bible? Why?”

Follow up: Ask, “Why do you think that person’s story is in the Bible?”

High School

Conversation Starter: Ask, “What question would you ask God about the Bible? What do you believe about the Bible? What do your friends believe about the Bible?”

For further discussion: Ask, “Do you think reading the Bible regularly has an effect on a person’s life? How?”


For my adult child: Ask, “Are there any parts of the Bible that are confusing or problematic for you? Can we talk about it?” Ask, “Is there a Bible verse that is particularly meaningful for you?”

For myself: How can I cultivate a habit of regular Bible study? Are there parts of the Bible that you’ve never read before? Challenge: Tell the people in your life what your favorite Bible verse is.