Questions: What are you excited about today? What makes you happy?

Follow up: Say, “Jesus makes me happy! I’m excited that Jesus loves me! Jesus loves you too. I am so happy that you know Jesus loves you!”


Questions: Who is someone you look up to? Is there a person that you want to be like when you grow up? (Famous athlete, favorite teacher etc.)

Follow up: Say, “You could do lots of things when you grow up! No matter what you do, I think the most important thing is that you have a relationship with Jesus! Here’s why…”

Middle School

Questions: What skills did God give you? What did God make you good at? What are some jobs you might enjoy when you’re an adult?

Follow up: Say, “I’m so glad that God made you! I’m proud of you. No matter what your job is when you grow up, my hope is that you will grow up to have a relationship with Jesus. Did you know that? It’s important to me because…”

High School

Questions: Who do you see in your life that really loves Jesus? How can you tell?

Follow up: Share a story! Tell your child about the most influential person in your own faith journey.


Question for your adult child: What is the most important thing to me? How can you


Follow up: Ask, “How can I pray for you this week?”

Question for myself: What would the people around me say is the most important thing in my life? How can they tell? I am called to share the Gospel; does that take priority in my life?

Parent Bonus

Watch this video and ask yourself, “What do I want my kids to be like when they are adults?” and “What am I doing each week to encourage an authentic faith in Jesus Christ?”

For further reading & encouragement!

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