Welcome Back to the Shepherd’s Corner!

What a blessing it is to be back for another school year. As we embark on this year, we will be continually looking at ways we can thrive as families, parents and children of God.  One way that we can thrive this year is to be present. Yes, be still long enough so that you can enjoy your children, talk with them, play with them and just sit with them and pray.  When we practice being still, we might hear God’s voice and the plans that he has for us. Put your phones away, yes I did say, put your phones away, so that you can look in to your child’s eyes and see what they are seeing, feel what they are feeling and know that you are being present with them.

When you are being still long enough try  to focus on Psalm 46:8-11; In verse 10 God says, “Be still and know that I am God!”  Ask How does knowing God, as  He revealed Himself in Jesus, calm our anxieties and fears? What makes it difficult for me to be still?

This year I am going through the school year without my husband around as he serves our country in the Middle East in the Army, and our two oldest boys are now serving in the Army. I am believing in my God to bring comfort to those families that need to endure separation, fears, anxieties and everything else that comes along with being a military family. I pray for our teachers, our pastors and those that serve in all capacities that God would be present this year so that we may THRIVE and be more connected to HIM, our Lord and Savior.

Enjoy this video from Hillsong, Be Still!

Serving the Author of my life,
Cara Hougesen

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